Year: 2021

Latino cafe owner ‘will go to jail’ if she can’t serve her customers

A Latino cafe that serves only customers of black and brown backgrounds will go to court if it can’t accommodate patrons of other races, and if it cannot hire enough of its own staff.The owners of the Latino Cafe Barrio Cafe, a black-owned business in Los Angeles, are facing a class action lawsuit after they […]

Bluebird Cafe opens new Nashville location with Bluebird Bluebird cafe and bar in Nashville

NEW ORLEANS – Bluebird Coffee & Tea, a Bluebird franchise restaurant and bar located at the Bluebird Nashville location, has announced it is adding a new Bluebird restaurant and cafe to its lineup.The new Bluebirds location will feature a BlueBird Bluebird espresso bar, Bluebird lounge, Bluebirds cafe, BlueBird tea, Blue Bird ice cream, Blue Birds […]

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