What you need to know about a new cotton patch café in Winnipeg

In a twist on a local tradition, Cotton Patch Cafe will open in the historic Molloy Square in Winnipeg.

The cafe will open its doors this Friday, Jan. 18.

“We were hoping to have a coffee shop for the city of Winnipeg, but the first we heard of that was in December,” co-owner of Cotton Patch Café, Michelle Taylor, told CBC News.

“So we were like, ‘Well, what do we have to do to get in?'”

The cafe’s name is based on the name of a small patch of cotton growing in the area.

“Cotton patch coffee is just like a traditional coffee shop, but it’s actually much bigger and better,” Taylor said.

Taylor and her husband, Brian, decided to open Cotton Patch Coffee because they had never been in one before.

“The idea of an actual coffee shop came about because we were in the coffee business for years and years and the idea of a coffee spot that would actually be open in our neighborhood was kind of like a dream come true,” Taylor explained.

“It was really nice to finally have that opportunity.”

The couple said they’ll be doing everything possible to accommodate all patrons.

“Our cafe is open to all,” Taylor added.

“No matter what your age is, we have a very diverse clientele that we have and they are really interested in coffee.”

Cotton Patch Coffee, a new coffee shop on Mollox Square in downtown Winnipeg.

(Submitted by Michelle Taylor)Cotton Bowl Coffee Shop, located at 1280 Winnipeg Avenue in Winnipeg, is another small coffee shop with a similar theme.

The coffee shop will also open in December.

“This is our first business and we hope to be successful, so we really wanted to get started,” owner, Sarah Daugaard, said.

Daugaard said it was a perfect fit for the Winnipeg Coffee & Pastry Association.

“I think it’s great for a little bit of diversity, and a little fun,” she said.

“They’re actually open to everyone.”

Taylor said they will be opening a smaller coffee shop in the near future.

“One of the first things that came to our mind was going to have smaller coffee shops, and so we are definitely looking forward to that,” she added.

Cotton and Daugard have also partnered with The Newberry Foundation to support the cafe.

The foundation is looking for volunteers to help make the cafe’s food menu a reality.

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