Bento Cafe Bustelo is back!

CAMPBELLO, Philippines (UPI) — Bento Café Bustelo, located in the city of Campbello, was once a popular dining spot for locals.

But the cafe is now open for business and is now home to its first regular cafe customer in nearly two years.Bento Café Bustelos new owners are a group of restaurateurs who decided to open the cafe and serve food to locals.

They hired local chefs to help them with the kitchen and decor.Bento Café is the newest restaurant in Campbellos city center, and owner Rene “Rene” Perez is hoping the restaurant will bring more locals to the city center.

“Theres a lot of people that came here before because they wanted to go somewhere else, they want to have a good place to eat,” Perez said.

“So, I think that Bento will be a good addition to the area.”

It will be nice for them to have something that they can take a break from eating,” he added.Bente Café is owned by the same family who owns the local restaurant, and the new owners plan to bring more food and drink to the neighborhood.”

We will bring food to the market, so people can come here, get their fix and have some fun,” Perez added.”

Bento will be great for the city.

It will bring people back, and they will be happy to come here,” he said.BENTO CAMPBRELLO is the new Bento cafe in Campbeltown, Philippines.

Photo courtesy of Bento CAMPBILETON.CAMPBE, Philippines — Bentos restaurant will open up in Camp Beltown in the Philippines.

Photo courtesy of Rene Perez.CAMARADAS, Philippines– The owner of Bentos cafe in Mandaluyong, Philippines, says it is finally time to bring back the food to his community.

Rene Perez says the family that owns the restaurant in Mandalay, Philippines plans to open a restaurant and serve some local food soon.BENEVIL IS BACK, BENEVIL is BACK, benjamin is back, ben will return to Benavista, Philippines source IGN article BENEVILLA, Philippines— Benavisa has been back to work after a seven-month hiatus.

The restaurant has been running since February.

Owner Benjamin Sotir said he wanted to start over because he had lost his job.

He is still a part-time worker, but he plans to reopen the restaurant.”

Now I will be able to keep my family together.

I have my wife, my two kids, and my parents,” Sotiri said.”

My business is going to be back.

I want to do this for the people who gave me a chance,” he continued.

Benavisa will have to change some of the decor to make it suitable for the area, but Sotiris plans to stay on as a part time worker.

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