Pokémon cafe is coming to Brisbane, says owner

Brisbane, Australia (CNN) — Pokémon cafe owners in Brisbane, a city famous for its quirky and quirky Pokémon, are hoping to open their first Pokémon cafe in the Brisbane CBD soon.

Owner of Margarita Cafe, which has locations in Brisbane’s inner city and the CBD, Robyn O’Connor told CNN it’s all about the kids.

“We’ve had a couple of people come and tell us how they love the cafe,” she said.

“They’ve said they love how they can interact with Pokémon characters.”

O’Connor has been opening her business for about two years.

“The kids love it and they love going to it,” she told CNN.

The cafe will feature a Pokémon themed cafe area.

“We’re going to have Pokémon characters in there and the kids love to meet them,” she added.

Pokemon Go, a mobile game where players capture and battle Pokémon, was released in Australia last week.

It is the second major Pokémon franchise in the world after the Nintendo franchise and has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

It has also attracted thousands of players to live-stream the Pokémon games online and to capture them.

While some Pokémon trainers in Australia have found it difficult to find Pokémon in the wild, O’Connors says the popularity of the game has been a huge draw for her business.

“People are so drawn to it and so many people have downloaded it, so I’ve been really lucky,” she explained.

“It’s been very easy to find.”

I’ve had people come in from the US, from the UK, from New Zealand, from South Africa and a couple from Australia and we’ve been getting emails from people from all over the world, so it’s been a really huge hit.

“Odyssey Pokémon Cafe, in Brisbane city centre, will be open from Monday to Saturday and will feature Pokémon characters.

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