How to Get Your Hands on the Best Cars for 2018

By now you know that BMW is set to launch a refreshed range of vehicles for the new year, and this year will also see the introduction of a new generation of M cars that we have yet to see on the showroom floor.

It is a huge change for BMW to take, as their M range was one of the best selling models of the last decade, with its performance, reliability and performance-minded style all at the heart of its success.

We’ve already had a taste of the new BMW M3, the first BMW M1 car to hit the showrooms this year. 

It’s a car that is built for endurance and performance, and is powered by a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission, with the M3 being a true touring car with a seating capacity of up to three.

The new BMW will be available from 2019, and the full range will go on sale from 2021 onwards. 

The BMW M is a car with many of the same qualities as its predecessor, but the biggest change for the BMW M2 will be its rear axle, as this one is a completely new axle design.

It uses a new four-link rear suspension, which means that it is lighter than the current M2.

It has also been fitted with a carbon-fibre roof and bodywork, while the wheels have been replaced by aluminium, and are mounted in the front and rear. 

This is an exciting time for BMW, as they have made a big leap in terms of performance over the last few years. 

With a range of performance upgrades and technologies, the M2 was the first car to offer a 3.0-litre engine, the BMW 7-Series.

This was the same engine that powered the M4 and M5, which were the best-selling cars in the BMW range, and was also the last to feature a four-wheel drive system. 

For the M, the engine was upgraded to a 4.2L V8, which is the same displacement as the current BMW 7 Series, with output of 500hp. 

In terms of the cabin, the cabin of the M is much more spacious than the M1.

It’s available in two colours: a grey interior with a black steering wheel and seatbelts, and a black interior with white trim. 

There is a larger front bucket seat, and black stitching around the cabin. 

Inside, the front seats are both large, with a large leather bolsters and a larger backrest. 

While the rear seats are not as large as those on the M5 and M6, the seats on the new M are much larger, and feature a different fabric and stitching.

The M3 is available with a 3-door front seat, while M4 is offered with a 2-door rear seat. 

These new M cars have been built to be capable of handling the demands of a range-topping sport coupe, so the cabin is spacious and comfortable, and will be the focus of the car. 

Although the M’s cabin will be similar to the M9, there will be some differences in terms on the exterior design. 

As with the BMW, there is a new front fascia, which has been designed to be similar in style to the BMW 6 Series.

It features a similar design to the existing M badge, with an open hood, grille and taillights. 

A more contemporary design is offered by the side grille, which features a distinctive chrome-plated grille plate, as well as a larger grille that incorporates a chrome rim on top. 

Both sides of the roof feature a large black wing on the side that is surrounded by a black spoiler, with some trim coming to the sides. 

Along the rear, the grille is a unique colour, and has the same black design as the previous M badge. 

Additionally, the door trim is more modern, with more details including a black accent colour and a grille-style badge.

The roof also features a different colour to the previous badge, which uses a darker shade of black. 

Overall, the interior of the BMW is also much different to the exterior.

The exterior is more spacious, with black stitching on the hood and tailgate, and wider mirrors and a more aggressive grille. 

On the inside, the new cars will feature a more spacious cabin, with new seatbelters and side skirts, as the M7 and M8 were previously fitted with. 

Other changes to the cabin include a more powerful 6-cylinders, a new engine, and carbon-finish wheels. 

BMW have also confirmed that they will be introducing a new standard feature for the M car, the Driver Assist Package. 

What is the Driver Assistance Package? 

The Driver Assist Module is a system that BMW will offer to the new models starting from the 2019 model year.

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