What’s happening in Hamilton cafe loss of a lost dog?

A cafe in Hamilton has lost a lost, abandoned dog that has become the centre of a controversy over a ban on dogs at the eatery.

The cafe, known locally as Lost Dog, has been closed for the last four days and staff say they have no idea where the dog is.

“We’ve been getting phone calls from people asking us to get rid of the dog and we are trying to help but I can’t do it,” manager Angela McCafferty told the Hamilton Spectator.

The restaurant was closed after the dog was reported missing on Saturday night, but the restaurant has been running a regular service of the menu for the past three months.

Mr McCaffert said he was hoping to find the dog in time to take a picture with it before it was returned to the cafe.

“It is an incredible loss and we will continue to work hard to find it,” he said.

He said he believed the owner had left the dog for a couple of weeks and was looking for her to get the dog back.

“This is a dog who is very well cared for.

She will be well cared over the next few days and hopefully will be back at the café next week,” he added.

Lost Dog has been operating for more than three decades, serving up some of the best and most popular food in the city.

Owner Michelle Glynn says the dog has been a “brave, loyal friend”.

“She is a very well behaved dog,” she said.

“She would have been a welcome addition to any group, whether that be a family or friends.”

A Facebook post on the restaurant’s Facebook page said the owner of the lost dog had left it for her boyfriend to take care of.

“The dog is not home and the dog will be lost in the care of our owner until we can get her back to her new home.

We are currently not providing any more details at this time,” the post said.

Ms McCafferts is offering a $100 reward for information on the dog’s whereabouts.

The Hamilton Spectate has contacted the owner for comment.

The owner has not commented publicly.

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