How to order a Roast au Lait

Two days after the Roast Au Lait opened, the cafe’s owners say they’re not going anywhere.

The cafe opened on March 8 in a tiny shop on King Street in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

The owner, Roussos Cafe, has been open for more than a year, with the owners hoping to raise money to support their new cafe and cafe food.

“We’re looking for the same amount of business that we were able to generate through the Roasted Au Lilt last year,” Rousssos Cafe owner John Boudreau said.

“There’s a big difference.

We were a little over $1 million in revenue last year.”

He said the cafe was looking to raise about $10,000 for its cafe food, which costs about $15 a serving.

“So that’s a little bit more than half of the amount of revenue we got last year, which was $30,000,” he said.

Mr Boudours cafe was open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“The business is going well,” he added.

“But we’re not getting the money that we need to pay the staff.”

I think the most important thing is the community support, the foodies and the tourists coming in, coming in to enjoy our food.

“Mr Boutreau said the cafes success would depend on how much it costs to feed the cafe patrons.”

If you’re a business that’s open 24/7, you’ve got to pay your staff, you have to pay rent, you can’t just be a cafe.

You’ve got a little shop and you’ve had a cafe for a long time and it’s hard to make that move to the big city,” he explained.

Mr Seddon said he wanted to raise enough money to cover the cafe costs.”

When we started this business, I didn’t think it was going to be much of a thing, and now it’s become so big and it keeps getting bigger and bigger, it’s amazing,” he told”

It’s amazing what a community can do, I really love the community aspect of it.

I just want it to continue to grow and I hope it grows and keeps growing.

“Mr Sneddon said the owner had spent more than $1.5 million on the cafe and food.

The café’s owners are looking to expand the cafe, and hope to open a full cafe in the future.”

Our cafe will go out of business next year,” Mr Seddons Cafe owner, Andrew Seddont said.


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