When is the next Whole Hog cafe opening?

The next Whole Hogs cafe is scheduled to open next year, but the owners are worried about how the community will react to its opening, according to a Facebook post.

The owner of the Brooklyn cafe, Whole Hog Bakery and Cafe, wrote on Facebook that the café will have “new food, beer, and wine.”

“The neighborhood is still reeling from the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy and is ready for a Whole Hog Cafe, so we are confident we can provide the community with a welcoming environment,” the post read.

“We will continue to work on the menu and create the best food and beverages in the neighborhood and hope the community reacts positively.”

The post was shared more than 11,500 times in less than a day.

The cafe has been in business for just over two years and the community has come out in support of the cafe, with one woman signing a petition to bring it to New York City.

“Whole Hog Bakeries, Inc. will be a place that everyone will be proud to call home,” the petition read.

A Whole Hog has been a popular spot for residents and tourists alike for the past several years.

It opened in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn, in 2010, and is owned by the same owners, who also operate a popular bakery and cafe in Manhattan.

In October, a large crowd gathered outside the restaurant to show support for the cafe.

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