Month: July 2021

When the sun rises, rain falls! It’s a theme for our most popular cafe menu

A cafe in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province has been dubbed “the rainforest cafe”.But this is not the first cafe to use the word “rainforest” in its name. The Kwa Zulu-Naas KwaZA cafe is owned by a group of farmers from the Kwa-Zulu region, who are working to preserve the forest.“The name ‘KwaZulus’ means ‘forest’ in English,” […]

How to get a blueberry muffin at Bluebonnet (and a slice of the pie)

A blueberry pie at Blue Bonnet?It’s not exactly easy to find, but if you want to get some free doughnuts, a slice, and a slice or two of the Blue Bonnies famous blueberry pies, it’s worth a shot.It’s just a short drive from the Bluebonnets home, and just outside of town. The Bluebonnies are a family […]

How to get $3.5 billion in taxes out of the state’s treasuries

A $3 billion windfall that has been earmarked for Connecticut’s state and local governments has been frozen by the state legislature after the state lost more than $1 billion in federal taxes.Gov.Dannel Malloy said Tuesday he was using the extra money to offset the state budget deficit and invest in public services.“As you can imagine, […]

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