Month: August 2021

Cairo cafe owners say they are fighting a losing battle with a black walnut mafia

CAIRO (Reuters) – The owner of the popular aladdin cafe in Cairo’s Egyptian capital has warned the city’s black-market economy that it is losing ground to a resurgent mafia that controls the city.Aladdin cafe owner Hassan Khalaf, in his early 60s, says he has been unable to keep his business afloat for more than three […]

Mexican cafe to reopen after ‘catastrophic’ floods

Teri’s Cafe Lola, a Texan cafe famous for its famous fried chicken, will reopen after devastating floods in 2018, the owner has announced.Teri’s, which is in Corpus Christi, has been closed since October 2018 due to damage caused by flooding in the city.The restaurant will reopen in 2019 with an emphasis on Mexican food.The Corpus […]

New cafe in Havana opens to the public as Havana celebrates Hard Rock Cafe’s 50th anniversary

NEW HAVANA, Cuba — The Havana cafe chain Hard Rock Café has become a destination for Cuban-Americans, with more than 1,000 locations nationwide.Hard Rock Café opened its first store in Cuba in 1959 and is now a thriving tourist destination, said David C. Grosnick, chairman and chief executive officer of the Hard Rock Cafeterias International […]

How to save $50 per week at a natural cafe in your area

You can’t get more local than a natural café, and if you want to save even more, you can’t miss a chance to pick up one of their delivery trucks.They deliver a variety of food and drinks, including their signature margaritas.These are typically sold in bulk, and there’s a lot of variety.Here’s a list of […]

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