Cafe in Memphis, Memphis Pizza and Green Eggs have relocated

Memphis, TN (24 Nov) – Memphis Pizza & Green Eggs Cafe, the restaurant in Memphis’ famous Pizza & Greens, has closed its doors, according to the restaurant’s owners.

The restaurant was located in the Memphis Farmers Market district.

The closure came after a dispute with the local city of Memphis over the future of the building, according the restaurant owners.

Owner and manager, Mike O’Neil, said the restaurant is closing due to a dispute between the city and the owner.

“The owners of the business have said that they want the building to remain in the neighborhood.

The city has not been able to agree to that,” O’Neill said.”

I think they have been trying to put pressure on us and we have said no to that.

We want to continue to be a family owned business that serves all of the Memphis area.”

O’Neil said the city would not pay for a replacement restaurant if they were to move the building.

He said they have asked for the building owners to put up $100,000 in relocation funds, but he said he was not sure how much that would be.

He also said they were seeking a new location to open.

The cafe has been in the area for nearly 40 years and has been featured on a few local TV shows.

O’Neill has worked at the cafe for 18 years.

“We are so happy to have such a good community and a great restaurant in our neighborhood,” he said.

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