How to be a good tourist at the La Cafe

A popular tourist destination in Saigon, La Cafe has a long history of attracting locals to its popular coffee and tea shop, but some locals have had enough of the place.

The cafe, located on the ground floor of a historic colonial-era building, has been a popular destination for visitors from around the world, as it was the first coffee shop in Saigou, the capital of Vietnam.

The cafe is popular for locals because of its large selection of specialty coffees, which are sold by the bag, with the owner charging a minimum of $20 for a cup of coffee.

But a new law will see coffee shops banned in the city, according to the website of the Saigon Tourism Authority.

Saigon Tourism Agency (STA) President Ma Thuy Binh has warned that a coffee shop is not a cafe, and will be subject to fines.

“If a coffee bar is not allowed, you will have to buy a ticket from a public transportation company and be allowed to leave the city.

We expect you to pay in advance to use this service,” he said.

The coffee shop’s owner, an American named Daniel Denton, was not available for comment, but did say that he had received a letter from the STA in response to his complaint.

He said that he will not stop offering coffee and teas until the new law is removed.

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