When you are eating a Korean  food, how much do you think it costs?

The cost of a meal varies depending on the size of your family, which can result in a wide range of prices.

According to the Food Industry Association of the Philippines, the average price of a one-course meal at a country-style restaurant is about P500 ($7.50) but there are prices at which a family of four can eat for P10,000 ($19).

A family of six, for example, can expect to pay P20,000 per meal, with prices ranging from P10 to P20.

So while it’s unlikely that you will find an everyday meal at one of the country-based restaurants in Manila costing more than P50, the cost of eating out is going to vary widely depending on what type of meal you choose.

For instance, if you have a family with two children, you can expect a one night stay to cost around P10 (two adults and two children) but it could be as low as P5,000 (two people, one adult and one child).

The average price for a meal at this location at a popular restaurant in the central Philippine city of Quezon City was P1,400 ($6.50), and if you went to a restaurant in Taguig City, you could expect to spend between P5 and P10 per meal (two children and two adults). 

In general, the cheapest meals you can get at a local eatery are those at a small-plate restaurant with seating for two or three people.

If you go to a big-plate or international restaurant, expect to see the cost jump to P40,000 to P50 of a single meal. 

The cheapest meal you can find at a Chinese restaurant, or at a Filipino restaurant, is usually the cheapest you can pay for a single dinner at a big plate restaurant. 

If you want a dish that will last longer, and the price is lower, you might consider going to a local noodle shop for an appetizer and dessert. 

There are a few things you can look out for when ordering a meal, such as the size and shape of your food, and how it is prepared. 

When it comes to the food, the most important thing is to always have the correct ingredients and cooking methods on hand. 

 A lot of people choose to go to the grocery store, where the cost is lower than a traditional restaurant.

This means you should always have ready-to-eat food at home, and you should ask for what you need to cook on the day of your visit. 

Some restaurants also sell specialty ingredients such as tofu, egg, and pork, while others serve meals made with fresh seafood. 

To get the best quality ingredients, be sure to always go to an Asian-style grocery store and order from the kitchen, not from a kitchen that only sells Chinese foods. 

Always remember to always buy fresh ingredients and use the right ingredients when cooking. 

A good rule of thumb is to use the freshest, most nutritious ingredients possible.

If the ingredients are not fresh, you won’t be able to use them, so use ingredients from local vendors instead. 

You can get cheap Chinese food at a Korean restaurant in Manila, but you’ll have to pay more if you go for a larger-plate meal.

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