Which cafe is grateful for the birthday cake it received?

Caffeamino’s cafe is thankful for a birthday cake from a friend and says it’s not the only cafe in the city where the custom is common.

The cafe, one of several around the city, received the cake in December after a customer brought it home for a surprise birthday party, said cafe owner Roberto De Marco.

Cafe owners in some of the more famous Italian restaurants like Caffe Piazza and La Perigorda also use birthday cakes to mark the occasion.

De Marco said he usually doesn’t use the birthday gift to celebrate the birthday, but he does celebrate the anniversary of a birthday when he takes a photo with the cake.

He said he’d be happy to give a birthday gift again if the customer wants one.

Cafes in the small city of Tuscany use a similar tradition.

The tradition started in the 1990s with the owners of the nearby Piazzale restaurant.

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