Why Starbucks is making new ‘Mocha’ coffee in Chicago

Starbucks Coffee Company has unveiled a new coffee that they claim will help boost their sales in the Chicago area. 

The new Mocha Coffee, available for purchase in its new stores in Chicago and Minneapolis, features a creamy vanilla bean and hints of cocoa, along with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. 

It will be available from March 26, Starbucks said. 

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer these new Mocas to our customers in the United States and across the globe, and we are excited to work with our partners to help create even more opportunities for our customers to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in their own homes,” Starbucks said in a statement. 

Baristas will be able order the new MOCA coffee in a number of locations across the United Kingdom and Europe.

The brand previously announced that it is adding a new flavor, Coffee Cappuccino, to their range.

“Our commitment to bringing the best espresso to the world continues, and today we are thrilled to launch a new Moca Coffee that is both more robust and a new offering in the world of Mochas,” said Starbucks’ vice president of global marketing, Robyn McElroy.

“The Moca is a bold, fruity, chocolate-like flavor that pairs beautifully with a creamy, sweet vanilla bean.

It’s a delicious new coffee to try out.”

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