What’s on offer at the new ‘Kulthi’ cafe in Pune, Pune

Pune: In a move that will delight all foodies, PUNE is set to open a new cafe to cater to all the palates of the city. 

The new Kulthia will offer fresh food, an authentic food shop, a large range of foodstuffs and even a cafe that sells traditional Indian dishes.

It is a concept that is sure to attract a lot of tourists, who have been looking forward to eating at a place that will have a special flavour and make them feel special.

Kulathia will be located at the corner of Nandavalli and Nampur in Panchkula.

It will be the first in Puducherry. 

According to a statement, the cafe will have an authentic taste, a place where food and people come together to experience different food styles, and a place to share a unique experience. 

Kulithia will feature an array of Indian and non-Indian cuisine including Gujarati, Panchki and Indian vegetarian, meat-free and gluten-free dishes.

The menu is also expected to include a range of sweets, and will feature a range in spices. 

“The Kulathias are designed to give the customers a place in the community where they can learn, interact and share experiences,” said Pune city food and beverage commissioner, Vimal Bharti.

“The Koolathia, on the other hand, is a place of social and socialising.

It’s designed to serve the public.

It also brings in a variety of cultural events, which the Koolatheas are well-known for,” said BhartI.

The city also plans to launch an awareness campaign around the new Koolathiya in the next few days.

The Koulthia, located at Puduchur Road in Pula, is likely to be the mainstay of the new cafe.

It has been owned by Koolithia for the past two years. 

With the establishment of the Kulithiya in Pulau, it will be easy for the residents of Pune to access the Koulathia and be served their favourite foodstuff from the Kullathia.

“The new cafe will be a catalyst for the people of Pudu to make use of the space that they have, especially when the Koorathia is not open,” said the food and beverages commissioner.

Pune has a population of nearly 3.25 crore, and the city is home to the country’s largest Muslim population.

The city is also home to a plethora of other popular eateries such as Bajrang Dal, Mughals and Kabir.

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