New cafe in Havana opens to the public as Havana celebrates Hard Rock Cafe’s 50th anniversary

NEW HAVANA, Cuba — The Havana cafe chain Hard Rock Café has become a destination for Cuban-Americans, with more than 1,000 locations nationwide.

Hard Rock Café opened its first store in Cuba in 1959 and is now a thriving tourist destination, said David C. Grosnick, chairman and chief executive officer of the Hard Rock Cafeterias International Inc., the owner of Hard Rock.

The chain, which has about 70 locations worldwide, has been expanding in Cuba.

Hard Rock opened a restaurant in Havana in 2010, and it has opened a second location in the capital, Havana.

The chain opened a new store in Santiago, Chile, in 2015.

Hard-rock cafeterias around the world also operate in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, New Orleans and Washington, D.C.

Hard rock cafes are places where customers can eat and relax, and they offer a wide range of breakfast and lunch items.

Graznick said that customers who visit the cafes in Cuba are often surprised by the cuisine and the quality of the food, such as steak, lobster and pork.

“The customers who go to Havana are really enjoying the quality, and the food is very good,” Graznicks said.

Hard-rock cafes are located at the top of the mountain, at the end of a hillside and are accessible by taxi, bicycle or private vehicle.

The cafes offer different types of seating, such a communal table, a large table, or a bar that is open only to the employees.

Cafeterias in the United States are also expanding.

One popular one in Los Angeles is the Hard-Rock Cafe on Wilshire Boulevard, which opened in January and now has 10 locations.

Another popular restaurant is the Little Havana, in Culver City, which opens in early February.

Cucamonga, Calif., has two locations.

Both locations have food and beverage service.

In the United Kingdom, a Hard-Rolling Company, a chain of restaurants, opened a store in London in January, which is located at one of the oldest brick buildings in the city.

Hard Rolling Company also has several locations in the U.K., including one in Manchester, England, where the store is located.

The Hard Rolling Co., a British franchise of Hard- Rock, opened in the UK in March and is located in East London.

Hardrock has more than 7,000 restaurants in 52 countries.

The U.S. is the biggest market for Hard Rock, according to the Hardrock Cafeteria International Inc. Grocery chains such as Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s and Trader Joe have expanded into the U of C. Hardrock has restaurants in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Los Gatos, Miami and Portland, Ore.

Hardwood Cafe opened in Cuba’s capital in the early 1980s.

It has since expanded to several locations.

The Hard Rock franchise has also opened restaurants in Chile, France, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

HardRock Cafeterios International Inc has been in business since 1963 and has more then 200 locations in 38 countries.

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