Memphis pizza cafe gets new name and a new name

A Memphis pizza restaurant is changing its name and is expanding to two more locations.

The Memphis Pizza Cafe is being called The Ricks & Co. and The Rricks Cafe is the new name of the new location.

The new location at 1120 E. Broadway will have a menu of a mix of pizza, pizza sandwiches, sandwiches, pizza crepes, pizzas and other sandwiches.

It also will have two separate kitchens.

“We have had a great relationship with the owners of The Rickers & Co., so they’re really excited to have us come in and make this a family friendly place for them,” said owner and founder of The Memphis Pie Cafe John Ricks.

Ricks said he was working with his team to figure out what the new names should be.

He said he hopes to be able to bring more than 500 people in from around the country to the new Ricks location in time for the start of the school year.

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