Mexican cafe to reopen after ‘catastrophic’ floods

Teri’s Cafe Lola, a Texan cafe famous for its famous fried chicken, will reopen after devastating floods in 2018, the owner has announced.

Teri’s, which is in Corpus Christi, has been closed since October 2018 due to damage caused by flooding in the city.

The restaurant will reopen in 2019 with an emphasis on Mexican food.

The Corpus Christian Times reports the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from 11am to 9pm daily.

Terri López-Vazquez, who owns the cafe, says the cafe is in the process of being rebuilt and reopened after the flooding.

She said that, because the restaurant was closed during the flood, the cafe’s staff and customers were “still without the comfort of each other”.

Teri Lóñez-Vax said the restaurant will continue to serve “authentic Mexican cuisine, a true fusion of Tex-Mex, Tex-style and Mexican cuisine”.

Terri also told the Corpus Christien Times the cafe will reopen when the building is renovated to better accommodate customers.

The cafe will be open during the daytime.

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