How to get a pizza for less than $15 in Queensland

A pizza is cheaper in Queensland than it is anywhere else in Australia, with some of the lowest prices in the nation, according to the latest ABC Queensland Pizza Cost Study.

Key points:A pizza at a cafe menu costs $9.69, with prices ranging from $8.95 to $13.99A pizza served in a restaurant menu costs between $13 and $17A pizza pie at a restaurant costs $10.99, with costs ranging from around $7.90 to $12.80The survey found that $11.95 pizza is the lowest in Queensland, with only three other states in the top 10, including the ACT, South Australia and Tasmania.

In NSW, pizza is usually $10 to $11 and a half, with a slice costing $10 in New South Wales, $9 in the ACT and $12 in South Australia.

In Western Australia, the average cost is $8 in Western Australia and $9 around the rest of the state.

In Queensland, the cheapest pizza at an Australian restaurant is usually around $9, while a slice is typically $10 or less in the Sunshine State.

In regional Queensland, a slice costs $12 and the cheapest in the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast is $15.

In the state’s north, $15 is the average price in the Kimberley and South West, and $20 in the Northern Territory.

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