Hard Rock Cafe curtains up

Hard Rock Café curtains up!

The curtains of this cafe in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD have been removed and the cafe is back on its feet.

The hard rock cafe reopened last night after two years in the doldrums due to a severe shortage of seating and a shortage of chairs.

The cafe closed in March 2015 after being closed since 2014 for maintenance.

The doors were closed for nearly three months until they were reopened last week.

“The curtains were removed in May, and it’s all back to normal,” cafe owner and former manager Chris Lillis said.

“We’re back to full capacity.

We’re still running but it’s a lot more comfortable to sit there.”

Hard Rock is the city’s oldest bar and restaurant.

In 2016 it was named a national Best Bar and Restaurant for its relaxed atmosphere, great food and an atmosphere that is just perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

The new cafe has the look and feel of a pub, but there are also seats to sit at the bar.

It’s been a great experience for the staff and patrons alike.

The bar has a nice, warm atmosphere, with people sitting at the tables and drinking a good amount of beer and wine.

The space has been refurbished to give the cafe a modern look, with the bar’s windows facing the street.

“It was a really nice place to work for a while,” Mr Lills said.

The cafe will reopen in early 2019 and has been turned into a dining and social venue.

The lounge has been expanded with a bar and lounge, with tables set up in the back.

The owners hope the cafe will be a great addition to Melbourne’s nightlife and is a great opportunity for the city to celebrate its heritage and multicultural heritage.

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