Which cafe is the best in the Middle East?

Taziki La cafe in La Paz in Turkey is the cafe of choice for most of the Middle Eastern cuisines, as its menu includes dishes from all the major cuisinaes, according to a new report by the website Tazlikistan.

Tazlikistani restaurant owners and employees said that they had not had a problem with the establishment since they began working there, according a report by CNN.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work here.

We have been very successful.

The employees are very professional and we are happy with the result,” one of the owners of the cafe told CNN.

The cafe also serves a wide range of food, from grilled fish and vegetables to chicken, lamb and pork.

The cafe also offers a range of teas, desserts and a wide selection of coffee drinks.

In addition to its Mediterranean cuisine, the restaurant also offers Turkish and Middle Eastern drinks such as the Zebulan or Turkish tea, and an assortment of other snacks.

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