How to eat at Zupas—and what to eat there—in the New York City area

Zupás Cafe and Busy Bee Cafe is in Brooklyn, but the food is as much about its locations as it is about the food.

“We love New York,” says chef and pastry chef Kevin Cusumano.

“It’s a place to come for a meal.

The fact that it’s in a great neighborhood is a bonus.”

Zupacas Cafe and the Busy Bees are located on the Upper West Side, just a few blocks away from Zupatas.

The restaurant is also in the Lower East Side, on East 42nd Street.

Zupatis’ menu includes burgers, salads, pizza, and chicken wings.

For brunch, Zupats has a classic brunch menu, including a fried egg, a slice of fruit salad, and a side of coffee, along with a salad.

But Zupamas’ brunch is made with seasonal ingredients and the chef uses his own eggs.

“There are eggs everywhere,” Cusomano says.

“They’re not just used for making the scrambled eggs or the scrambled bacon.

There’s also goat cheese and blueberries and green peas.

It’s just delicious.”

Zumas, the restaurant that opened in 2015, has a more casual vibe.

The menu includes a chicken sandwich, a steak, and several desserts.

“I don’t think we can go wrong with the chicken,” says Cusomino.

Zumos is the first restaurant in Brooklyn to offer free wifi and free parking for all of its guests.

Zumbas and Zumats also serve brunch, lunch, and dinner.

“The breakfast menu is the one that we like the most,” Cisomino says.

There is a daily breakfast menu, but Zumasis serves a breakfast menu and a brunch menu as well.

Zombas is located at 7 East 42 Street in Manhattan.

Zucas, located in Queens, is a brunch and lunch restaurant that also serves brunch.

Zuzas is the second location to open in New York.

Zuhnhausenhausen is the newest addition to the borough, opening in mid-March in Brooklyn’s Upper East Side.

Zulzbas serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, along w w its own breakfast menu.

Zuszis, the new brunch spot, is located in Midtown Manhattan.

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