Taco Bell’s new Mexico location gets ‘Mardi Gras’ treatment

TACO BELL has teamed up with the Mexican cafe chain Al’s to create a new theme park attraction at its new Mexican cafe in Austin, Texas.

The attraction is called Taco Bell Fiesta , and it will open to the public in 2019.

Taco Bell will offer “Mexican food and beverages in a relaxed, fun environment” at the new location, according to the Taco Bell Facebook page.

The park is scheduled to open in 2019, and it is set to be open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week.

The restaurant will be open from 11 a.p.m.-6 p.p., seven day a week, according the Taco Belly Facebook page, and “food will be available at a range of prices.”

The park will be free to the general public and open to kids under 16. 

Taco Bell Fiesta is set for an opening in 2019 and will offer a variety of Mexican food and drinks.

(Photo: Taco Bell)Taco Belly and Taco Bell partnered on the attraction at Al’s Cafe in the Austin area, according and the website of the Austin Chronicle.

Taco Bizarre and Taco City were also featured in the attraction.

“Al’s Cafe is known for their vibrant and unique dining experience, and Taco Bowl will be the next chapter in our partnership with Taco Bell,” Taco Bell said in a statement.

“Taco Bowl is a new concept that will combine our passion for delicious, innovative cuisine with the unique tastes of our partners at Taco Bell.” 

Al’s cafe will also be home to a restaurant named the Taco Bowl, which will offer authentic Mexican food.

The Taco Bowl restaurant will offer tacos and tacos bowls.

Taco Bowl is slated to open to regular guests in 2019 in a plaza in the front of the Al’s cafe. 

The Taco Bowl concept is set up like a Mexican food restaurant with a taco stand, and the concept will include “Tacos, bowls, a bar and a bar cart,” according to a Taco Bowl spokesperson. 

“Al’s is home to one of the most creative, engaging and exciting food and beverage experiences in the country.

This exciting project brings our guests an authentic Mexican dining experience in a fun and relaxed setting that celebrates the food and culture of Texas, and Al’s is thrilled to be a part of the project,” Taco Binky said in the statement. 

 “Taco is a Texas favorite and Taco Benders is the perfect team to bring this exciting project to life.

We’re proud to partner with Taco on this unique concept for the next exciting year of Al’s,” Al’s said in an official statement.

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