Why China’s rise has caused a new kind of international competition

Chinese food giant Alibaba has opened its first overseas restaurant in Australia, opening the door to a new era of competition from overseas diners hungry for more than just a decent meal.

Beijing-based Alibaba opened its second Australian outpost on Wednesday at the corner of Collins and Adelaide streets in Melbourne’s inner-west.

The opening of the first, which it dubbed “Alibaba Express” on its website, marks the start of a major expansion for the company’s ambitions in Australia.

China’s government has recently announced a crackdown on online gambling, and the introduction of new online gambling rules in China.

Alibaba has been a strong proponent of free trade, and Australia’s trading partner, the United States, has been keen to open up its markets to Chinese companies.

The company has recently increased its investments in Australia by buying up stakes in several Australian businesses.

Alibaba’s second outpost opened at the intersection of Collins Street and Adelaide Street, which is in the CBD and near the city’s airport.

Alibaba said it had “no plans to close” its second restaurant in Melbourne and said the new outlet would be open until April 20.

The Chinese company said it would open the second restaurant “as quickly as possible” and added that the restaurant would be “the first Chinese restaurant in the country”.

“We are really proud of the establishment we have opened, and it has the potential to change the way Chinese people live and eat, we hope it will also change the world,” Alibaba said.

“I hope we can be the next major Chinese restaurant and the first Chinese food in Australia.”

Chinese investors have also bought stakes in Australian retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue, and online retailer Amazon, which have all launched overseas restaurants in Australia in recent months.

Alibaba’s Australian operations include a Shanghai-based restaurant chain called Taobao, which opened its flagship store in Sydney in December and has been growing rapidly.

It has also opened a major restaurant chain, Alibaba.com, in Australia and plans to expand it to other cities and countries in the coming months.

In August, Alibaba opened an outlet in Melbourne, with the company stating that the new location “provides our customers with an authentic Chinese experience, where they can meet our team and experience our Chinese cuisine”.

In April, Alibaba also opened an Australian branch in Melbourne.

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