How to find your favourite food and drink in Tokyo

Tokyo’s newest cafe is located in one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, and has been named the ‘Best in Japan’ by TripAdvisor.

The café has been a regular sight at the entrance to Tokyo for many years, and hosts a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items, and the cafe has a great selection of craft beer.

The restaurant also has a large selection of bottled and canned drinks and some unique Japanese sweets.

The food menu is also filled with traditional Japanese dishes, such as the chicken baklava and ramen, and some imported items such as katsuobushi and yakitori.

Tokyos cafe is also located on a street near the central railway station and can be found on a map on the Tokyomizomayori website.

The restaurant has also been awarded the ‘Japan’s Best Bar’ by Tokyo Restaurant Magazine and the ‘World’s Best Restaurant’ by Travel & Leisure.

The cafe has been rated the best of its kind in Japan and has a reputation for offering excellent service.

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