How To Get a New Cat: 7 Cat Friendly Things You Can Do With Your New Friend

Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee is offering free admission to all cats and dogs for the duration of the city’s cat-friendly Summer Festival.

This event runs through Saturday, August 23rd. 

“If you are interested in adopting a cat for this year’s festival, we suggest you get in touch with us,” Bluebird said on their Facebook page.

“We are always looking for good, healthy, and affectionate cats. 

If you have a cat that needs a little love, or just want to experience what Summerfest has to offer, we can provide you with a special welcome. 

We also encourage you to bring your cat along for a tour of the area’s parks and the surrounding neighborhoods. 

The Festival runs from Saturday, June 19 to Sunday, July 6, 2019. 

You can view the festival’s website for details on the program and a list of participating cafes. 

What to bring: Cats, water bowls, food and treats, blankets, and toys for the cat.

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