What’s the latest in marijuana legalization in Oregon?

The latest from Oregon is that the state is officially legalizing recreational marijuana, a move that is expected to have a massive impact on the economy and the lives of tens of thousands of people.

The law passed on Tuesday will make it legal to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, and grow up to six plants at home.

It also gives people a second chance at medical marijuana.

As it stands, Oregon has a law on the books that requires people to stay at least a certain distance from schools, libraries and businesses.

That has led to some schools and libraries closing, forcing residents to either go out and buy from the underground market or get to work and do some work elsewhere.

Some have speculated that the recent wave of violence in Portland is related to the city’s recent legalization, but police have said there’s no indication that’s the case.

Oregon is also the first state to allow adults to grow up two plants at a time, and will allow for a third if the plants are in pots.

That would allow a person to have an additional stash of marijuana that they can store in the trunk of their car.

The bill also allows for the growing of up to eight plants at the same time.

The new law will be up for a vote next month.

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