Ricks Cafe to open in the UK’s first Ricks Café

A new Ricks cafe in London has opened its doors to the public.

The Ricks’ Cafe, located at the Ricks Bakery in Wandsworth, opened its first day of operation on Wednesday.

Owner, Sam Ricks, said: ‘I’ve been looking at a lot of different locations in the area and this is a really good location.’

It is a bit more formal, a bit bit more like a coffee shop than a cafe.’

The cafe, which has a capacity of about 50 customers, will open its doors on Monday.

It has been designed by Ricks architects, with a large open kitchen, large open dining area and a bar and restaurant area, plus a large space for meeting space.

Sam Ricks said the space would be ideal for events, and will also be used for socialising.

Ricks Cafe has been a popular destination for Londoners since it opened in 2014.’

The cafe has become one of our favourite places in the city,’ he said.’

I’ve had customers come up from all over the world who have been going there for their morning coffee and a pint, and I think it’s great for the city and for the area.’

It is understood that the cafe will have a coffee bar, a bar-restaurant and a wine bar, which is expected to be fully-equipped.’

We’ve got a lot to live up to, but it’s going to be a great place for us to hang out,’ Ricks added.

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