Which is the most delicious takeaway from Melbourne’s CBD?

A burger and fries, maybe?

Or a plate of sushi?

Or an ice-cream sundae?

Or maybe a slice of pie?

And while there’s a huge selection of delicious options in the CBD, the choice is limited.

Read more about this article A burger and a slice?

The only way to go?

What’s a slice anyway?

Or maybe a burger, maybe an ice cream sundae.

A slice of ice-cake.

Or a slice o’ cake.

But it could be a slice from a cafe.

That’s right.

If you’re looking for something to grab and enjoy for the day, you could do worse than a slice.

It’s the perfect combination of a bite and a piece of cake.

But what is a slice actually?

It’s basically a slice in a bun.

For the most part, it’s a piece made of a mixture of cheese and breadcrumbs, but sometimes you’ll find a bit of bread or other toppings mixed in, too.

What makes it so special is the texture it gives off.

According to the Food Standards Authority of Australia, a slice is the best way to eat a slice, and while you’ll get more bang for your buck on a slice than a burger or fries, you’ll still get more pleasure out of a slice’s texture than a hamburger.

Here are the five main things you need to know about slices.1.

The most popular toppings A slice is best served with either a salad or a breadcrumb bun.

A salad is topped with a salad dressing, lettuce and tomatoes, while a bread crumb bun is topped off with a tomato- and cheese-based spread.

You can also add cheese and cheese sauce to your slice, which is often served alongside lettuce and tomato.2.

You’ll be happier eating a slice if you have a good appetiteThe best thing about a slice with a lot of flavour is that you’ll be happy eating it, because it’ll be a lot healthier and better for your body than a sandwich.3.

You might be tempted to eat it with your handsInstead of a bun, a sandwich is usually served with a slice that’s made of an individual slice of bread and a bun of cheese.

This is where the “hands-on” element comes in.

This means you’re going to have to touch the bread and cheese to the slice to get a bite of it.4.

You won’t get hungry on a biteA slice is a great option if you’re in a rush and want to grab a bite before heading out to the shops.

Instead, sit down with the slice, place your hand over the bread, and let your mind wander to the delicious flavour you’ll have on the other side.


It’s a great way to enjoy a meal at homeA slice will also be a great choice if you want to relax or unwind after work, or have some fun with your friends.

Just remember to be mindful of how much you eat before you enjoy it.

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