Which restaurant will you visit in Rio de Janeiro? | Rio de Paulo

RIO DE JANEIRO — Rozary’s Café Rio is in the headlines again.

The Brazilian food truck operator announced on Friday that it would be opening a cafe in Rio’s largest city to accommodate customers looking for authentic Brazilian cuisine.

The move comes as Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe Rio, the latest venture from chef James Tabor, prepares to open in the city this weekend.

Razzoo, which was founded by chef/owner, rapper, and actor Tabor in 2011, has attracted national attention in recent years for its menu of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Razzoos cafe, which will open in front of the Razzo building on the city’s historic Copacabana waterfront, will serve authentic Mexican food, as well as some local Brazilian dishes.

In a statement, Razzos co-owner Tabor said that the cafe will be located at the corner of Rios Avenida, where the Rio Arena, the Olympic stadium and other public venues are located.

Tabor and co-founder, chef/manager, and cofounder, Sam Broussard, have made regular appearances at the city, as have Razzoa’s owners and chefs.

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