Bluebird Cafe opens new Nashville location with Bluebird Bluebird cafe and bar in Nashville

NEW ORLEANS – Bluebird Coffee & Tea, a Bluebird franchise restaurant and bar located at the Bluebird Nashville location, has announced it is adding a new Bluebird restaurant and cafe to its lineup.

The new Bluebirds location will feature a BlueBird Bluebird espresso bar, Bluebird lounge, Bluebirds cafe, BlueBird tea, Blue Bird ice cream, Blue Birds signature cocktail, Blue bird signature cocktail mixers and Bluebird wine, according to a news release.

Bluebird Bluebirds coffee bar will feature “the freshest coffee, the freshest teas, and the fresest cocktails in the Nashville market,” according to the news release, which also states the cafe will be “accessible to Bluebird customers of all ages.”

In a blog post, Bluefield COO Dan Rittger said the Bluebirds Cafe will offer a “trendy beverage menu” and “a curated wine list.”

Bluebird Cafe will open its doors on Saturday, Nov. 13.

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