Which of the new bars to try?

Old West Cafe in Washington, DC, reopened this week to its full capacity after being shuttered for nearly three years.

It is the first bar in the city to open for business since the closure of a former bar called “Café Americain.”

Here’s what you need to know about the cafe and its owners.

Old West’s first stop The bar is one of the first in Washington to open.

Owner and founder, James O’Connor, told The Washington Post the decision to open in the district was his and his partner’s decision.

“We were tired of being in the old neighborhood,” O’Connor said.

The two opened the bar in May 2017 in the Old Town Market section of downtown Washington, a popular neighborhood for tourists.

The Old West Café opened in the New West district of the city in 2018.

O’Connors original plans called for a smaller space, but they ultimately decided to move the cafe to a larger space.

“It’s not like it’s an ideal location,” O.J. Simpson said.

“I don’t know if you could get a better place to get a hot drink, a good meal.”

It is hard to find a good coffee shop with a small bar inside.

Some bars have a lot of seating, but Old West is more like a cozy bar with a good menu and good atmosphere.

O.K. with a lot to do?

Old West also has a lot going on at night.

There are many different outdoor cafes that offer different types of dining.

The location is great for those who like to hang out in a neighborhood setting and have an outdoor patio.

“Our location is ideal for the casual, outdoor crowd,” Oconnor said, adding that the area is also a great place for people to take photos of the stars, such as the stars in the constellation Pegasus.

“They can take pictures and post them to Instagram and get a lot more attention.”

It’s a lot for a small, one-story bar to handle.

But that’s just part of the appeal.

The owners are also very open about the history of the Old West area.

Oconnors sister, Marissa O’Brien, who opened “Coffee & Pastries” in the neighborhood in 2018, also opened the new bar with her brother.

“The location is perfect,” OBrien said.

O&P &D will also be serving some special treats at the bar, such a coffee cake, O’Connells family favorite, O&ppp &amp

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