Turkish cafe owner’s restaurant, sushi restaurant closed by regulators

Turkish coffee chain Cafe Sushi is closing by Turkish authorities after it was found guilty of running a “hostile environment” on social media.

The company’s Facebook page, where the chain had posted about its closing, was taken down after an investigation.

The cafe, owned by Turkey’s most famous chef and sushi chef, Moustapha Dervish, has also been shuttered by local authorities.

Dervished, 57, who founded the restaurant in Istanbul in 2005, had previously denied the allegations, which were confirmed by prosecutors in Istanbul.

The restaurant, which had been serving coffee and sushi for 10 years, was shuttered after the court ruling on its Facebook page.

The court ordered that the company pay damages to the victims of the “hostility environment” as well as compensation for damages.

It also ordered the company to pay a fine of 10,000 Turkish lira ($9,000).

“I have nothing against the Turkish authorities, they are the government, and I am the owner, but I think it is a terrible injustice,” Dervishes sister-in-law, Rana Aktay, told Reuters news agency.

“We were told to go to the police, but we did not.”

Dervishing, a member of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party, was not immediately available for comment.

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