Mexican cafe opens in Austin

A Mexican cafe in Austin is opening a second location, in the same building, this time to provide a Mexican-style pizza pie.

La Piz de los Chilenos, located at 1310 S. Congress Ave., was founded in 2017 by Luis Enrique and Miguel Perez, two of the best-known owners of La Piz del Mexicano.

Perez is the former owner of La Quetzal, a Mexican restaurant in Austin.

La Chileno, as it is affectionately known in Mexico, was founded by two brothers who met in the restaurant business, Perez told CBS affiliate KXAN in Austin, Texas.

They decided they wanted to create a restaurant that would serve a Mexican twist to what Mexican cuisine was.

The family, working in partnership with a group of local entrepreneurs, decided to take a gamble and put their restaurant on the National Register of Historic Places, which means it is an historic landmark.

It took a few years for La Chilados’ restaurant to become a success, but in the end, the brothers were able to open their second location in 2018.

The restaurant is named for Luis Enrique Chilazo, the first owner of the restaurant and the grandfather of La Chilanos namesake.

The two-story restaurant offers an array of Mexican-inspired food, including a pizza pie, quesadillas, burritos, tacos, and Mexican-fried chicken.

The restaurant has also opened its own catering business, and has a mural of the original restaurant sign in the kitchen.

Peso’s Pizzeria, the third restaurant in the chain, opened in March in the building that was once La Chilias original restaurant.

Pizzerias owners are Luis Enrique, Enrique, and the wife of Luis Enrique.

The original owners were not happy about the location change, saying the restaurant could be a blight to the area.

The owners say they wanted a new location for their business to keep a good relationship with the community, but it was difficult to find one.

The new location was chosen because the owners wanted to build a business that was family friendly, the Austin American-Statesman reported.

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