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Latino cafe owner ‘will go to jail’ if she can’t serve her customers

A Latino cafe that serves only customers of black and brown backgrounds will go to court if it can’t accommodate patrons of other races, and if it cannot hire enough of its own staff.The owners of the Latino Cafe Barrio Cafe, a black-owned business in Los Angeles, are facing a class action lawsuit after they […]

How to find the best Vietnamese-style food in Singapore

Here are some tips for finding the best Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese-style dishes in Singapore.Photo: Facebook The restaurant scene in Singapore has exploded in the past decade, as restaurants have become more mainstream.However, the cuisine is still mostly based on the traditional Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisines.However there are some new dishes and dishes […]

How To Make The Most Out Of The Cafeteria At The World’s Best Restaurants

Cafeteria food has always been one of the most overlooked aspects of any restaurant, but thanks to the internet and the internet’s ability to connect to your home, cafeterias have been evolving at an astonishing rate.There are literally thousands of cafeteria in the world, but the majority of these are located in major cities, where […]

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