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The 5 best coffee shops in french coffee: 10 reasons to visit french cafe series

It’s been almost five years since French Cafe Restaurant was founded, and the cafe has seen a lot of changes since then.Its owners decided to open their first French cafe in 2008, and they opened the cafe in 2013.Since then, they have expanded their menu to include French cuisine and a range of craft brews.The […]

A Bluebird cafe near Nashville is a $500-a-month, 1,000-square-foot escape for all your cafe needs

A Bluebirds cafe in Nashville is opening up for rent at a cost of just $500 a month, a price that is lower than most of the other cafes around town.The cafe, called Cafe Lola, is located at the intersection of Westlake Avenue and Westlake Boulevard.Owner Amy Breen said it is a very affordable option […]

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