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How To Make The Most Out Of The Cafeteria At The World’s Best Restaurants

Cafeteria food has always been one of the most overlooked aspects of any restaurant, but thanks to the internet and the internet’s ability to connect to your home, cafeterias have been evolving at an astonishing rate.There are literally thousands of cafeteria in the world, but the majority of these are located in major cities, where […]

Cat cafe is closing at two locations due to budget crisis

A cat cafe in Caracas, Venezuela, will close down in January because of a budget crisis, Cat Cafe owner Lourdes Guzman said.Guzman said the owners of the three-dollar cafe in the city’s central plaza decided not to renew their lease.The cat cafe opened in 2003 and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.Guzman told The Associated Press […]

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