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A Bluebird cafe near Nashville is a $500-a-month, 1,000-square-foot escape for all your cafe needs

A Bluebirds cafe in Nashville is opening up for rent at a cost of just $500 a month, a price that is lower than most of the other cafes around town.The cafe, called Cafe Lola, is located at the intersection of Westlake Avenue and Westlake Boulevard.Owner Amy Breen said it is a very affordable option […]

Mexican cafe to reopen after ‘catastrophic’ floods

Teri’s Cafe Lola, a Texan cafe famous for its famous fried chicken, will reopen after devastating floods in 2018, the owner has announced.Teri’s, which is in Corpus Christi, has been closed since October 2018 due to damage caused by flooding in the city.The restaurant will reopen in 2019 with an emphasis on Mexican food.The Corpus […]

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