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How To Make The Most Out Of The Cafeteria At The World’s Best Restaurants

Cafeteria food has always been one of the most overlooked aspects of any restaurant, but thanks to the internet and the internet’s ability to connect to your home, cafeterias have been evolving at an astonishing rate.There are literally thousands of cafeteria in the world, but the majority of these are located in major cities, where […]

New cafe in Havana opens to the public as Havana celebrates Hard Rock Cafe’s 50th anniversary

NEW HAVANA, Cuba — The Havana cafe chain Hard Rock Café has become a destination for Cuban-Americans, with more than 1,000 locations nationwide.Hard Rock Café opened its first store in Cuba in 1959 and is now a thriving tourist destination, said David C. Grosnick, chairman and chief executive officer of the Hard Rock Cafeterias International […]

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