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Capital One is the Best, Most Beautiful Coffee Bar in the World

Capital One, a brand-new, all-new Starbucks in Orlando, Florida, has opened a cafe, which is now the best coffee bar in the world.The cafe, located at 1675 E. Central Ave., was built by the design team of artist Daniel Zayas and is one of the most stunning coffee bars in the city.The bar has a […]

What is the difference between the Green Eggs and the Roost?

Paradise Cafe is the latest restaurant to launch a “green” menu, which offers “food with zero artificial ingredients”.The menu includes the restaurant’s famous fried egg and an organic green bean salsa.“The menu has been created in collaboration with the company and has been developed with the help of the green food movement,” Paradise cafe co-owner […]

How to find a Sydney cafe with the most salty dog

You can’t go wrong with a little bit of salt, and Sydney has plenty of cafes with it, thanks to the many varieties of salty dogs.Here are five Sydney cafes with a range of dog-friendly options.A favourite among Sydney’s young generation, the salty dog is popular in cafes across the city and the city centre.The […]

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